JBS Wholesale - We Care

Established in 1944, JBS Company Limited is an independent pharmaceutical distributor and supplier in Malta. In partnership with MINT Health, who manage sales of the JBS portfolio, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding service and committed to excellence by supplying top quality products at the best prices.

The company initially started as a retail pharmacy, of which there are now three, two in Valletta - Empire Pharmacy situated in Old Theatre Street and Melita Pharmacy branch in Melita Street. Along with Marrit Pharmacy in Fleur de Lys.

Nowadays we take care of the importation and distribution of various pharmaceutical and medicinal consumables as well as supplies like body supports, dressings for various injuries (plaster) and orthopaedics. Furthermore we provide electronic medical services and thermometers and a range of facial and dental products.

We aim to supply medical solutions to a wide range of consumers and our professionalism and expertise in the field allow us to fulfil this obligation.