Data Processors

Data processors and the information we share

As part of our policy to provide you with an open and transparent overview of what information we hold, we have listed the companies we work with. Below is a list who we share your information with to help provide our service to you and what that information is.

Our Partners

Why we use them.

What we share.

Where is this information held?


When you visit our website Google use cookies to identify you and see what it is you look for on our website. We use this to see what people find interesting about our site so we can improve the services and products we offer.

Using this website will result in small data files being stored on your computer. These are known as cookies. Most websites do this.

We use cookies for:

· Remembering settings, so you won’t have to re-complete an entire form if there is a mistake.

· Measuring how our website is used so we can improve your experience (see Google Analytics below).

· Our cookies aren’t used to identify you personally. You can manage and/or delete them as you wish, refer to your web browsers help documentation and settings for details on how to do this, the information is usually found under privacy/security settings.

Google may transfer data outside the EU. They are committed to the highest levels of data security. Further details can be found at:


We use some Microsoft services to provide the services you request. If we contact you or you contact us via e-mail then this information will be stored on Microsoft server computers.

This may include your name and address, your e-mail address and other contact details such as telephone number along with sensitive personal information in the content of the e-mail. We have a retention policy which says we will not keep e-mails longer than is necessary.

Microsoft may send information outside the EU.

Microsoft has extensive expertise in protecting data, championing privacy, and complying with complex regulations, and currently complies with both EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and EU Model Clauses. We believe that the GDPR is an important step forward for clarifying and enabling individual privacy rights. We want to help you focus on your core business while efficiently preparing for the GDPR.


We use Algolia to support our online search functionality.

We pass through limited details such as name and contact details which are indexed and stored in Algolia’s systems. We do not send any sensitive personal information.

Algolia, Inc. is a USA based company with subsidiaries in France and UK operating our services globally in more than 15 regions. Your data primarily stay in regions where you decide your data to reside. Logs of search queries and operations can be processed outside of the EU but always stay in a system respecting privacy and security.


We use Amazon servers to keep all of your data and to process that information in order to deliver the services you request from us. Our servers use the highest levels of security available including encryption at rest, London based servers using DMZ and encryption of data in transit using SSL.

The personal data we hold is:

Account details

Name, Addresses, E-mail, Telephone number.

Order details

Status of enquiry, internal notes relating to your order, the content of you order, IP address.


If you opt-in to receive different types of communication


relating to your order including any communication we have had with you.